Online Bill Payer

Online Bill Payer is a time and money saving tool that is simple to use. Simply set up your payees, the amount of the bill to be paid, and schedule the payments. That’s it, no stamps, envelopes, or checks. Simplify your life!


Simply click on the Bill Payer icon in Online Banking and complete the registration process. You’ll be ready to pay bills in no time!

Set Up Your Payees:

The first step is to set up your payees. Payees are the people or businesses that you send money – the electric utility, your mortgage company, the phone company, etc. You can set up payees all at once or at the time you make a payment. All it takes is your account number and the payee’s name, address, and phone number.

Pay Bills:

Money sent to payees is delivered electronically, if possible. If the payee can’t or won’t take an electronic payment, we automatically create a paper check and mail it to the payee. Regardless of which route the payment takes, you won’t be charged for the bill-payment service. It’s absolutely free. Bill Payer payments appear on your online register – the Internet equivalent of your checkbook register – as soon as you enter them.

Create Payment Schedules:

You have lots of options. You can make one-time payments or schedule recurring payments to important creditors – like your mortgage company. A recurring payment is paid at regular intervals and is always the same amount. You can set up a $1,000 mortgage payment for the 15th of each month, for example, or a day-care payment of $250 to be paid each Friday.

Bill Payer Disclosure:

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