Mortgage Bankers

As a Mortgage Banking Partner, Servbank is committed to your success and enhancing your brand with our first-class servicing operations and industry leading customer care. Our existing partners enjoy transparent portfolio oversight through the use of our pioneering technology, leading to a frictionless experience.

Rock Solid Service

Servbank helps grow your brand by delivering a best-in-class customer experience through our caring customer service agents and full suite of digital self-service tools.  We believe that every interaction, whether over the phone, on the web, or through our app is an opportunity to deepen the relationship with your customers. When combined with our customized retention strategy, we will help make them your customers for life.


Partnering with Servbank gives you the surety you expect from a depository institution. Through the use of our three lines of defense: Business Unit Risk Management (including Quality Assurance); Compliance Testing and Monitoring; and Internal Audit we mitigate exposure and minimize risk. These units all work in unison and collaboratively across the entire organization to assure you that we’re compliant with all applicable federal, state, and agency requirements.

Full Transparency

Our advanced Servicing portal offers unparalleled visibility into your loan data. Through the use of intuitive dashboards and 100+ reports our clients enjoy real-time, on-demand access to a comprehensive and data rich data set, down to the loan level. Our clients can access predictive, current, and historical data, allowing for complete oversight and precise risk management.

Dedicated Programs

Servbank’s dedication to serving the independent mortgage banking community enables us to have a deep understanding of your market and needs. Through this understanding, we are able to offer a wide-ranging portfolio of services tailored to your specific requirements.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes:

Customized Servicing Options and Products

Class-leading Customer Service Support

Dedicated 24/7 Client Relations Contact

Seamless New and Existing Loan Boarding/Transfers

Timely and Accurate Escrow Administration

Full-Cycle Default Management

Customer-for-life Retention Programs

Vigorous Complaint Avoidance & Remediation Strategies

Strict Regulatory Compliance

End-to-End Investor Reporting

Innovative Technology Platform

On-demand Performance Reporting and Portfolio Management

Brand Enhancing Private Label Servicing

Specialized Sales and Acquisitions Activities

Private Securitizations

Support for Your Warehouse Line and Acknowledgement Agreements

Curious to Learn More?

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Mortgage Bankers

As a Mortgage Banking Partner, Servbank is committed to your success