What Makes Us Better

The answer to that question is a simple one. We are a bit obsessive. As a result, we put forward superior performance, provide the best-in-class experience you expect for you and your customers, and deliver it with the surety you deserve from a depository institution.

Putting the Customer at the Center

At Servbank, we recognize that customers are more than numbers on a balance sheet — they’re people. They are people who don’t own a house, they own a home. We understand that customer loyalty and your reputation depends on how well we treat them. So, we treat your customers like you’d want them to be treated, as an extension of you: with a caring, convenient experience, with near-instantaneous issue resolution with every interaction — over the phone, on our website, with our app, and through our extensive self-service options. All of this with a goal of creating excellence through experience and making them customers for life. Our decisions on what we advance, implement, dedicate capital or resources to, always provide a benefit and value for the customer and the experience they have with us. Not only is it good for business for the long term, but it’s also just the right thing to do. 

Genuine Client Partnerships

All of our client partnerships are first and foremost based on respect. We foster relationships that are open, collaborative, and transparent. We understand that our success is only possible if you are successful, which is why we act as the ideal extension of you: treating homeowners like you’d want them to be treated, addressing questions and conflicts as promptly as possible, and maintaining the highest of compliance standards. What we offer and promise goes beyond standard marketplace service — it’s a true partnership.

Forward Thinking Innovation

Our differentiators extend to our pioneering technology. Which is why at Servbank we created an ecosystem around the award winning SIME (Servicing Intelligence Made Easy): an intuitive servicing system that gives lenders a 24/7/365 real-time, fully transparent view into their portfolio. Through SIME, lenders can see up-to-the-minute data, gain end-to-end compliance and regulatory management, access all customer calls and interactions, and much, much more. SIME also serves as the backbone to all of our user-friendly self-service tools available to all customers via our customer websites and mobile apps.

Culture of Compliance

At Servbank our people and processes have a proven track record of rigor, proactivity, and regulatory strength as evidenced by our team’s special citations from regulatory bodies (including FNMA, GNMA, FHA, and independent 3rd party auditors). Using our three lines of defense: Business Unit Risk Management (including Quality Assurance); Compliance Testing and Monitoring; and Internal Audit we mitigate exposure and minimize risk.

Fidelity at its Finest

We believe that being honest and transparent truly is the best policy. No one, not our team members, our customers, or our clients like fallacies or spin. We know that if we are opaque as a business and constantly serve a steady dose of spin, that it will eventually catch up with us. It will erode our culture, cost us financially, and do long term damage to both our and our client’s reputation. This is why we offer unparalleled visibility into your portfolio and all our actions through SIME, our advanced servicing portal. Through the use of intuitive dashboards and 100+ reports our clients enjoy real-time, on-demand access to a comprehensive and data rich data set, down to the loan level. Our clients can access predictive, current, and historical data, allowing for complete oversight and precise risk management.

Living up to our Promises and Exceeding Expectations

In an industry that is filled all too often with lack luster results, we are the apple in the sea of oranges. We overdeliver with verified, superior performance that exceeds the expectations of our clients and customers. In short, we do what we say we are going to do – and we prove it.